Kosher Food in UAE

In the UAE, we’ve recently experienced a remarkable shift in the restaurant and Kosher food industries. Fine restaurants are now available with a range of cuisines and various pricing options. Treat yourself to the best Kosher food in the UAE, professionally crafted by some of the finest Chefs in the Arabian Gulf. Be prepared to savor the taste of an exciting range of Kosher delicacies.

Multiple restaurants in the UAE have opened their doors to Jewish visitors with mouth-watering, affordable Kosher food for the whole family.  Along with fine authentic taste, these restaurants also meet the most stringent standards of Kosher, under the supervision of the local kashrut organization Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification (EAKC) – the main supervisory body for kashrut in the UAE under the leadership of Rabbi Levi Duchman. All the restaurants on this page are certified Mehadrin.

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