Kosher Trips

Ever felt restricted to take a trip due to the lack of kosher food options available? Get rid of that feeling and explore the traditional desert side of UAE freely, without any limitations.

Take a Kosher Desert Safari with your family and friends with a customized kosher menu, organized by Efraim Kamissar on +972585511911


Take a thrilling tour with Dubai’s only Kosher Desert Safari and enjoy a memorable day with your family and friends. The tour starts with the assigned driver picking you up from your hotel to take you to your desert location.

After a 40-minute drive, you will begin your magical dune bashing session. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with a guarantee of the most breath-taking, panoramic, and Insta-worthy sunset view.

Reach the desert camp where you can ride the ship of the desert – A camel and end the night with a sumptuous, delicious Kosher dinner and local folklore performances.

Capture the local ethnic culture, try on some traditional Arabic Dresses (Kanduro for men and Abaya for Women) and create some wonderful memories. Ladies, there will also be a dedicated female Henna expert artist to create temporary heena designs.

For more information, contact: +972585511911
Ephraim Kamisar – The Master of Dubai

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