Kosher Food

The Kosher market in the UAE has just begun it’s run. Below you will find an up-to-date list of restaurants and eateries where you can dine during your stay. The restaurants are all held to the strictest standards of kashrus - Kosher L’Mehadrin. All the listed establishments are under the supervision of the local kashrus agency in the UAE. (Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification – EAKC) The premiere Kashrut agency in the UAE, under the leadership of Rabbi Levi Duchman

Interested in providing Kosher in the UAE?

UAE Food or Hospitality Companies Interested in Providing Kosher, please visit the website of the local Kashrut agency Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification – EAKC for information and a guide to providing kosher and hosting guests who keep kosher.

Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification – EAKC EAKC is the only UAE-based kosher certifier, providing a high standard of kosher at UAE premier venues, and offers businesses a seamless turn-key solution to providing kosher.

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