Chevra Kadisha of the UAE

Chabad UAE is here for the local and global community in the United Arab Emirates. In order to serve the Jewish Community even after death, Rabbi Levi Duchman has formalized the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Council) with the help of the UAE Government.

As soon as it is known that a Jewish person has died, either in a hospital, home or residence, or any other location in the UAE, one of the people mentioned below should be contacted immediately before anyone can touch or move the body:

  1. Rabbi Levi Duchman
    Rabbi of the Community and Head of the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Council)
    +97156 489 5562
  2. Rabbi Shimon Frankel
    Representative of the Men’s Department
    +971 56 508 9022
  3. Mrs. Chevie Kogan
    Representative of the Women’s Department
    +971 56 507 5922

The Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Council) does not work on Shabbat (just before sundown each Friday through the completion of nightfall on Saturday) or other Jewish holidays. If the passing occurs during Shabbat or any of the other Jewish holidays, the burial process will begin immediately after the end of the holiday.

To know more, please reach out to or reach out on +971 56 958 2971

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